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Sunday Schedule

  • 8:30AM - 9:30AM
    Group Pooja
  • 9:30AM - 10:30AM
  • 10:30AM - 11:00AM
    Dharmik Discussions
  • 11:00AM -11:30AM
    Group Meeting
  • Bada Jain Mandir,
    Sector-27, Noida

Our Events

Other event on the occasion of Paryushan Parva (year 2012)

On the Kshamavani occasion,we had started this event by singing a bhajan and besides it , we had organized Dandiya and enjoyed the festival most at sector 50 jain temple. Most of the member of JYN had participated in it and in this way we had celebrated kshamavani festival. In one day of Paryushan Parv, we had conducted one minute game, in this game ladies, gents and children every body had participated and then awarded by JYN group.

Play on the occasion of Paryushan Parva (year 2012)

In Paryushan Parv (year 2012) Jain Youth Noida (JYN) group was organised the play(Play Title) which was related to Tirthankar Adinath bhagwan and through this play, we had been presented the whole life of Adinath bhagwan. And each & every person of JYN had participated in this play. We really had felt very proud to be the part of that play.

Shri 105 MuktiLaxmi Mataji's Vihar

What a starting of the day, almost woke up at 4:15 AM...and then at 4:20 .. and eventually at 4:45 ;-). Followed by a run-for-life chase to catch the 5:00 AM bus at the temple. Narrowly escaped an head on collision on the way….but somehow managed to reach temple at 5:10 AM. Thankfully there was a vehicle to take us to "Sarita Vihar' at that time. Joined mata jee's vihar near Jasola and then a brisk 8 km walk with Matajee's Sangh is really memorable.. Over 15 JYN members and other jain samaj people joining us in chanting namokar-mantra, singing bhajans and shouting slogans. Read More....

Diksha Divas of Acharaya Shri Vidhya Sagar ji Maharaj

On the auspicious occasion of Diksha Divas of Acharaya Shri Vidhya Sagar ji Maharaj on 24th June, JYN conducted Pooja of Acharaya Shri followed by Kids Pathshala & Dharmik Discussion. Kids were shown video on the life of Acharya Shree and were informed his greatness. They were told how tough is the life of a Jain Muni. Acharya Shree has been taking food without sugar and salt for last 38 years. Read More....

First class of Baal Pathshala

On the first day of "Baal Pathshala" when I reached mandir there were only two kids sitting in the class, I was shocked that how will the first class of pathshala will proceed if the count is so less ... Then after 10-20min count started increasing and finally at 9.00am it was abt 28 students. class started with Prarthna,then icebreaking session by Anant i.e. introduction of students and teachers, roll no. distribution. Further class was proceeded by Rahul and Parul with topic "Namokar Mantra" and its importance followed by story of "Anjanchor" which was very interesting and students enjoyed a lot. Read More....

'Baal Pathshala' Inauguration

The pathshala kids were looking so cute wearing badges :) Truly speaking, I was a little worried to see just a few kids at the start .. Program started by Anant with a thanks note to Elacharya Shree and his Muni Sangh. JYN members looking so cute while handling kids :P Amazed to see 25+ kids now :) Manglacharan in a sweet voice by Varsha Bhabhi .. She was also wearing a badge :P Then the kids volunteered to sing a beautiful Bhajan :) Read More....

Rejuvenation of revered books in Jain Mandir, Sec 50, Noida

This was done in two days, on 15th and on 22nd April, 2012 We did activities like- Cleaning of books, Covering of books, Cleaning of shelves, Labeling of books etc.
A special thanks to Preeti, for taking initiative on this. Also, thanks to Sumeet, Anshul and Preeti again for arranging the material required and all the JYNites who participated. Read More....

Mahaveer Jayanti celebration through Anant's eyes

what a sparkling day it was !! undoubtedly the best 'Mahaveer Jayanti' of my life .. I know others would agree too :) Let's go through my last 36 hours:
12:15 PM (4th Apr, Wed): Eyes eagerly waiting to get a glance of our own JYN t-shirt but the print guy still delaying.
6:00 PM: after a series of phone calls and nail biting tension, tshirts reached jain mandir.
8:30 PM: The beautiful first look demised all the worries. Jambu and Arpit boggling their heads in distributing them but couldn't find a size for Pratha and Sanyam :). Read More....

First JYN trip to BadeGaon

We had a great fun filled trip to BadaGaon on 13th Nov. We started at 7.30AM from Jain Mandir, Sec 27, Noida. laughter and fun couldn't stay away from us for a minute. We broke the ice between everyone by introduction of every group member. Came to know about everyone’s name, work, home town and most importantly HOBBY part :-) Also got to hear lots of funny shayri's, jokes and few attempts to dance n sing, n how I can miss some realistic shayri's despiting the pain of few.:-) Everyone was happy n enjoying, few elders in the bus also couldn't resist to join us in the fun. They had joined, felt and enjoyed like youth :-) Read More....